What Is The Best CQB Airsoft Gun? – Looking at The SRC Gen III Micro M4 Series Of CQB Airsoft Guns

What Is The Best CQB Airsoft Gun? – Looking at The SRC Gen III Micro M4 Series Of CQB Airsoft Guns

One of the biggest developing fragments of the airsoft leisure activity is CQB encounters. CQB represents Close Quarters Combat and there are numerous indoor fields springing up the nation over offering this experience.In request to succeed in this climate many individuals can’t help thinking about what the best CQB airsoft weapon is, the response is beneath!

The without a doubt victor for the title of best airsoft firearm for CQB engagements would be the SRC Gen III Micro M4 series. These firearms were planned in light of close quarter conflicts and will make you a power during the game. The creators at SRC began with their great SRC Gen III gearbox has been intended to be a top entertainer from the get-go. Truth be told  10mm ammo these are LiPo battery prepared from the outset.

Gen III Gearbox Features

Built up Gearbox Housing

8mm Ball Bearings

Twofold O-Ringed Piston Aluminum Piston Head

Twofold O-Ringed Aluminum Cylinder Head

O-Ringed Air Nozzle

Metal Hop Up Chamber

Aluminum Spring Guide With Bearing

High Torque Motor

Steel Gear Set

6.04 mm Tight Bore Barrel

They then, at that point, put this magnificent gearbox inside an aluminum M4 collector. Then to make the firearm simple to manuever they abbreviated the front an extraordinary arrangement, consequently the Micro M4 name. It is accessible in a proper stock and crane stock variant and furthermore in the SD model which accompanies a fake silencer.

SRC Micro M4 SR4 Specifications

Crane Stock Length Collapsed – 25.5″

Crane Stock Length Extended – 28.5″

Fixed Stock Length 24.5″

Weight Unloaded – 6lbs 5oz

200mm Inner Barrel Length

300 Round Hi Cap Metal Magazine

280 FPS (ideal for CQB)

Extra M120 Spring for 350 FPS

RIS Rail System

12 RPS With 8.4 volt Battery

All Metal and Aluminum Construction

As you can see the SRC Gen III Micro M4 series was intended to be the best airsoft weapon for CQB from the outset. It offers you execution, toughness and mobility across the board strong bundle that will keep going quite a while and hold up under the cruelest clash circumstances.

Where Can I Learn More About CQB Airsoft Guns

You can find out about CQB airsoft Guns [http://ontargetairsoft.com/store/index.php?

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