Custom Banner Design – 3 Tips to Getting the Most Out of It

Deciding to produce a custom banner design for your company is a great idea. In order to get the most out of your custom banner design, make sure certain aspects of the design custom banner design  fall into an effective way to advertise.

Make Sure Your Message Is Clear

Banners are a different form of advertising than a newspaper ad for instance. With a newspaper ad there are many spaces for detail; and detail is expected. On a banner design, it is different because banners are designed to catch a person’s attention quickly and then relay the message to them almost immediately.

Do not use many filler words when designing your custom banner. For example, if a custom banner were being made for a convenience store that was having a sale on hot dogs and a drink for when you buy a drink and hot dog, you get the second hot dog free:

Acceptable: Free Hot Dog When You Buy a Drink and Hot Dog

Too Much Information: Receive a Free Hot Dog When You Buy a Drink and a Hot Dog

Although there are many ways you can put the advertisement, it is best to keep it short, simple, and to the point.

Utilize High Quality Images and Banner Printing

A company could have the best sale or message displayed but if it is displayed in an unprofessional manner, the banner will more than likely be passed up. A great Way to use images is in the actual message. This is because most people correlate images quicker than works; another reason why banners are so effective.

If using the same example as above, images 

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