Strategies and Tips on How to Build a Daily Centering Practice

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Would you like to feel centered so you can be more clear, focused and intentional everyday?

In this article I will share with you some strategies and tips you can use to help you in feeling centered daily. Not only can this support you in feeling focussed, it can also help you relax (this works especially the more you develop this practice).

One of the most important ways to begin anything new is to choose, declare and develop your intention (in this instance-to be centered everyday).

Now just setting and declaring an intention is obviously not enough.

What are some things that can be powerfully propelling and helpful in choosing and moving forward with your intention?

o being conscious of your motivation
o being conscious of the impact of not having a centering practice
o being aware of your desire to be centered and
o being intentional of how centering can impact your life
o developing the discipline, practice and habit of daily centering
o developing the supports and support systems to sustain this practice everyday

Also, before developing a centering practice, I invite you to first and throughout this process ask yourself simple, yet empowering questions such as: * What makes me lose my center? * What is the impact for me and my work when I feel lost and off-center?

Look out and notice how this impacts you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually etc Be present and open to the answers that come to you, even if they aren’t pleasant. Then decide and commit to begin living from your decision everyday This will support you to choose wisely and in alignment with your desire to feel centered.

Once you are decided about finding and developing a daily practice of centering, you have just set the basis for a positive and stronger foundation by your decision.

Now is a great time to explore and choose a practice or set of practices that you like and that works for you.

Perhaps you could look at this exploration of finding a practice for you as similar to visiting a buffet or playing an discovery game?

I invite you to sample different practices you are curious about. See what works for you. Choose, then learn and practice it daily, through the regular days and through the challenging days. And if you get off track sometimes, notice and just get back on track releasing any judgments

Here are some examples of centering practices : Use wisdom, choose a practice you like and that works for you and modify as needed.

* Focusing on the breath. Example-yogic practice of Pranayama (a breathing practice)
* Yoga. Example-the tree posture and Shavasana can help one feel centered
* Meditation
* Guided Imagery
* Visualization
* Prayer
* Spiritual inquiry
* Moving practices such as walking mindfully in nature, Taichi, Qi Gong, Labyrinth walking
* Repeating a word that’s particularly centering for you (ex: love, peace, abundance etc)
* Journaling
* Repeating a phrase or affirmation
* Chanting
* Singing, dancing etc
* Listening to a repetitive gong, bell or chime
* Listening to inspiring music
* Polarity exercises
* Reiki
* Even routine cleaning, organizing activities such as cooking, gardening etc can be utilized in a way that can be centering.

The Six features mentioned below are some common threads in the examples mentioned above as examples of activities used as centering practices:

* The essence is the intention,
* That the activity feels calming to oneself & can potentially contribute to others too * That the activity nurtures one
* That the activity feels enjoyable
* That one engages in it mindfully
* That this activity helps one focus
* When developed as a discipline and practice, it helps one in feeling centered

One could possibly utilize one’s choice of any such activity and develop it mindfully into a centering practice.

Some additional things to consider: – Its usually best to choose a regular time for your centering practice, – Find a comfortable place where you know you will be undisturbed, – Inform your loved ones living with you about your schedule and – Request their support to be undisturbed, – You may wish to enhance your environment with scented candles and or soothing calming pictures if this works for you.

Remember, we do have a choice in every moment. After 

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