Adventures in Miyazaki, Japan

Tourists flock to Japan for many reasons. Some want to admire the cherry blossoms, rice paddies, futuristic cities, and ancient ways of a rich culture; but for others Japan Surfing in Japan  represents adventure. Rather than just observe, they leap right into the rugged landscapes, hiking lofty peaks, skiing through fresh powder snows, and plunging down waterfalls in rubber rafts.

Japan’s secrets are still being revealed to foreigners, who little by little, are catching on that the land of the rising sun has something for everyone.

Off the normal travel circuit for foreigners, Miyazaki-ken has a lot to offer, and in the hot summer months the cool breezes and deep blue seas become very appealing. The coastline of Miyazaki also offers some of the best surfing in Japan, and it may just give adventurous travelers another reason to get on the plane.

The Miyazaki area is located on Kyushu, the southern most of Japan’s 4 main islands. The main city is Miyazaki City, population 350,000, and it offers a wide array of hotels, restaurants, and bars. There are many things to see and do in the region; you can visit the famous Udo-shrine, Aya castle, or the world’s highest suspension bridge. But when it comes to adventure travel, most people head to the ocean or the mountains.

The real beauty of the area lies in its natural environments. The Pacific Ocean is never far from view, and the southern highways meander through quaint fishing port towns, nestled between the crashing waves and the deep greens of thickly forested mountains. And when it comes to mountains there are some big ones! The Ebino plateau has several peaks that are worthy of a climb. The fact that one is an active volcano just adds to the intrigue.

Surfing in Miyazaki
The jewel in Miyazaki’s crown for adventure enthusiasts is its waves. The whole area has great surfing, from Nobeoka in the north, right down to Nichinan. Surfing can be done all year round, but you have more chance of finding big waves between August and October because of the Typhoon season swells. The water is also nice and warm at this time.

Surf Gear
If you need surfing equipment in Miyazaki you will have no trouble finding it. The local population is mad keen on surfing and surf shops dot the highways and cities.

Surf Spots
The main spots for surfing include Kizaki-hama and Aoshima near Miyazaki city, and further north you will find an active surf scene at Kanegahama and Okuragahama. All these spots are beach breaks with a sand bottom. They are good for all levels of surfer and you will often find large crowds of surfers here, especially on the wee

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