Top 5 Breeds of Hunting Dogs


For people who love the outdoors, dogs are not just a pet or a best friend but also excellent hunting partners. The desirability of a hunting dog depends a lot on its training, lab hunting  the type of prey you’re seeking, and what exactly you expect the dog to do. From sniffing out prey to skillfully fetching fallen birds, what follows are the top five hunting dog breeds money can buy.

1. Labrador retriever. Along with the golden retriever, Labradors are ranked as the most popular breed in the United States. This breed is known as a well-rounded hunting companion, regardless of what’s in season. Because of their moisture-repellent coats and web-like feet, labs are known as water dogs that easily swim to fetch prey. Also important is their good temperament and high level of intelligence, which makes them ideal for training.

2. English Springer Spaniel. These medium-sized dogs are gaining in popularity in the hunting world. Their talent is flushing birds out of their hiding places for their owners to shoot. Although they are smaller than typical gundogs, they make up for it with spunk and personality. And with strong legs, a high energy level, and a dense short undercoat covered by a long top coat, they are ideal for long days out hunting in most climate conditions.

3. German Shorthaired Pointer. Another versatile hunter is the German shorthaired pointer, a breed that works equally well on land and in water. They are typically known as bird dogs, but are also skilled at tracking land animals. Instead of flushing like the spaniel, the pointer lives true to its name and freezes and points to tracked prey. What is more, they are highly intelligent and obedient, which means easy to train.

4. Coonhound. With their nose to the ground, coonhounds rely on scent rather than sight to track prey. Once they have found a trail, this breed chases its prey, usually a small mammal such as a raccoon or opossum, up 

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