Young people increasingly have access to online casinos

With a smartphone, you can gamble easily anytime, anywhere.Young people in their twenties and thirties unconsciously feel addicted.

Choi Seo-yeon, an adviser to the Incheon Gambling Prevention Center, said, “The illegal online gambling industry has no limit on betting, so dividends are high.”

It is easy to access with a smartphone, and 95.4 percent of the respondents have participated in the 온라인 바카라.”

According to the law, Korea has designated seven industries as gambling, including casino, horse racing, racing, rowing, lottery, sports promotion voting rights and bullfighting.In addition to the enterprises stipulated by law, online and offline gambling industry is illegal.With the development of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry, the gambling industry has expanded from offline to online.

Young people in their 20s and 30s are most exposed to this environment.As of January to September this year, 68.1 percent (409) of Incheon’s 600 citizens in their 20s and 30s applied to the Incheon Gambling Prevention Center.

The center asked 685 people, including those in their 30s, about gambling through the gambling industry (95.4 percent, repeatedly answered).The number of responses to online gambling also reached 663 (92.3 percent).


The Incheon Gambling Problem Prevention Center is consulting on gambling addiction and risks.It says, “Only you can do it, but you can’t do it alone.”202.9. Jhc Reporter 18/Chao at 贤

The center’s advisors also believe that the reason why young people in their 20s and 30s gamble online is because of environmental problems.Park Nam-kyu, a consultant, explained, “Since young people in their 20s and 30s have been using computers since they were young, they can easily access gambling through Internet banners.”

Among gambling types, 263 (36.6 percent) voted for sports promotion, followed by illegal gambling sites such as 바카라온라인 and Bakara Card Games (127), and ladder climbing (103).

Park Nam-kyu, a consultant, said, “After consulting with young people, they discovered that they enjoyed sports gambling with friends and other people around them and started sports gambling as their hobby.””I think sports gambling is less gambling than other types because I can predict the results after analyzing the game.”

Rapid spread of online banners, etc.

Recently, the number of people using stocks to visit the center has also increased

Recently, the number of young people coming to the center as “stock” has been increasing every year.Seventy-eight Incheon citizens applied for counseling at the center due to stock problems.Prior to 2019, there were 33, 67 and 97 people in 2020, and requests for consultation are increasing every year.

Kim Young-sun, a consultant, said, “All young people aim to invest in stocks for the first time,” adding, “When they lose money, they take out loans to buy futures trading or theme stocks with high risk of loss.”

“It is a social problem that needs to be solved together in the future because there are young people who have lost money and made irreversible choices due to stocks and coins, just like gambling,” Park said.

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