The Benefits of Premium Helicopter Flights over Standard Trips

Are you thinking of taking a fun helicopter tour along with your trip to the Grand Canyon this year? If you travel, you’ll need to decide between a deluxe or budget-friendly tour package and whether to see the South or West Rim. The greatest option is to reserve a luxurious Everest heli tourover the canyon.

Superior Value

The price difference between the basic and luxury tours. A basic trip is therefore a smart choice if you have a tight budget. Although the luxury tours are more expensive, they also offer more. To begin with, you won’t need to take a shuttle van as you would on a standard trip because you will receive complimentary transportation from your hotel to the helipad in a limousine. Better choppers are also used for the deluxe flight tours.

You will fly aboard an Everest heli tour when you reserve a basic tour. These airplanes are simple and secure. You will have the opportunity to fly in a more sophisticated EchoStar 130 helicopter if you sign up for a luxury helicopter tour. You will experience greater comfort during your trip thanks to the EchoStar 130’s approximately 25% larger size compared to the other helicopters. The helicopters are constructed primarily for sightseeing and not just for comfort. They are seated on comfortable stadium-style seats. No matter what seat you are given, you will have an unhindered view. Also, the windshield completely surrounds the aircraft, giving you breathtaking panoramic views of the landscape below.

Being able to soar over the Las Vegas Strip is an added benefit of taking a premium tour. Your chopper will offer you a flyby of the Strip below as you return from the canyon. Looking down at the enormous resorts below, including the Stratosphere Tower and the Luxor Pyramid is spectacular.

Holiday Packages

There are numerous options available for these enjoyable helicopter rides. Making the decision between reserving a tour that circles the canyon and returns versus one that lands at the canyon is crucial. No matter whatever sort of trip you choose, you’ll get to see the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River along the route because all of them follow the same flight path. Without making a stop, an air tour takes off for the canyon and returns to Vegas. There aren’t any alternatives to consider. With a landing trip, you have a wide range of alternatives because the chopper lands in the canyon, allowing you to disembark and go exploring. The package that includes a tranquil champagne picnic at the bottom of the canyon is one that you might want to choose. A VIP pass to the Grand Canyon Skywalk and a raft tour along the Colorado River are two additional entertaining upgrades to take into account.

You should be aware that helicopter tours of the South Rim operate a little differently. The Grand Canyon National Park Airport is where the helicopters for the South Rim excursions take off from. Arizona’s Tanya city is home to the airport. In contrast to the West Rim, the South Rim does not permit helicopter landings. You have the option to reserve a thirty or fifty minute flight and the flight remains in the air the entire journey. The South and North Rims are visited during the thirty-minute trip. Numerous well-known sites will be visible, including the Dragoon Corridor. Aerial views of the North and South Rims are also provided during the 50-minute trip, which also passes over the eastern boundary of Grand Canyon National Park.

The better flight is the longer one. Given that it accounts for over 75% of the whole national park, you’ll see a lot more of it. However, if you are on a limited schedule or budget, the shorter flight is ideal.

In conclusion, I hope this essay has given you a better understanding of your options for helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon. You can choose the perfect trip thanks to the range of possibilities. Due to their high demand, the helicopter trips can sell out up to two weeks in advance. To guarantee a seat and to obtain the cheapest pricing, it is a good idea to schedule your helicopter tour at the same time as the rest of your Las Vegas vacation.

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