Toilet Paper Brands – The Many Options

Everyone uses toilet paper. If you are a grocery list maker, you likely add the words “toilet paper”, “TP” or “tp” to your shopping list without the brand name. There are c&s paper  many toilet tissue brands available in various plies, textures and costs. There are double rolls, mega rolls and single rolls. Even rolls with lotion or quilting are available to add comfort to the experience. Years ago, there was even toilet tissue available in a vast array of colors. Pink, blue, green and tan rolls could be purchased to match the decor of a powder room. Somehow the colored toilet tissue was transitioned off of the market quietly. Even though there are numerous choices to selecting your toilet paper brands, color is no longer one of them.

The history of toilet paper is quite interesting, and we can be thankful as a nation that we do not have to use corn cobs, newspapers, catalogs or even our hands as our ancestors have. The conveniences of indoor plumbing and soft tissue on a roll are wonderful inventions, and the many innovations have even made them better. With progress one can only imagine what is next.

There are toilet paper brands that are not as high quality as others, and this is something to be considered when you make your choice. If you are paying for a thin toilet tissue, you may end up using more per use and quite possibly not save any money in the long run. If you look for a sale on the popular toilet paper brands, you will be able to purchase a larger quantity of a more durable paper at a reasonable cost. Bathroom tissue is a good household item to stock up on, too. Make sure you store it in a dry place.

Finding an empty toilet paper holder requires the empty roll b

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