5 Simple Steps to Fix a Dripping Tap

A major problem in daily living might be dripping or leaking faucets. In addition to making a loud noise, they can waste up to 3 gallons of water per day due to leaks. You’ll eventually notice that your water bills are going up and that the services you are paying for are just draining away. While repairs may require some upfront costs, they ultimately cost less in the long term. You how to fix a leaking tapyourself if you are handy with tools. All of you who want to handle this maintenance issue yourselves should read this blog article.

Tap varieties

Standard faucets

Traditional water tap kinds’ dripping is brought on by a worn-out washer, which needs to be changed.

Mon bloc lever faucets

Leaking in a Mon bloc tap is likely brought on by a cracked ceramic cartridge. The ideal remedy is replacement.

Equipment you’ll need a lubricant, a cross-headed screwdriver, a replacement cartridge, and an adjustable spanner.

Fixing a Dripping Tap

The most frequent plumbing problems in homes are how to fix a leaking tapand faucets. Ignoring them will result in ongoing issues and significant water loss. Fortunately, if you have the correct tools, the repair is simple.

Disconnect the water supply. Cut off the water supply coming from the mainline to stop any future messes.

Take the knobs off. To remove the decorative elements from the knobs, use a flat-head screwdriver.

Take the stem off. The tap handle should be unscrewed and removed from the stem using some lubricant. To remove the stem, first loosen the packing nut with the spanner. Depending on the type of tap, some stems pop out of the valve while others must be twisted off.

Search for any damages. Replace the damaged component if necessary. Examine the washer and the O-ring if there isn’t. Replace any worn-out or damaged washers and O-rings to avoid leaks altogether. Make sure they fit perfectly.

Reassemble all the components, and then test. After putting everything in place, check to see if the tap is operating properly.

A Ceramic Disc Replacement Procedure Tap

In contrast to traditional taps, ceramic disc taps have a cartridge that contains two ceramic discs. The tap may leak as a result of a cracked ceramic disc, necessitating the replacement of the entire cartridge. Remove the cartridge, take it to the store, and replace it with the exact same one. Turn off the water supply before carefully unscrewing the handles and removing the decorative components.

Under the hot or cold indication, the entrance screw is frequently concealed by a small grub screw that can be readily removed with a flat-head screwdriver. With the use of an adjustable spanner, remove the shroud and the ceramic disc. Examine any damage and replace it if necessary. Get the cartridges out. The ones for hot and cold water should be kept in mind. Replace any broken components.

Flip the washer off the tap seat or twist it open. Keep an eye out for any damage and replace as necessary. Replace the rubber seal if it is worn out. Verify that the replacement parts are all the right sizes and fit properly. Reconstruct everything.Turn the knob slowly to restore the water flow.

Showerheads and the Kitchen Tap Leak

Kitchen tap leaks are frequently the result of damaged O-rings. The valve body has O-rings, washers, and seals. Check the O-rings if the tap is still leaking after replacing the old washer. Never overtighten the taps while using them on a regular basis. This might easily harm the washer and the O-ring, leading to a leak.

A shower head leaks frequently directly where it connects. The armour, space between the showerhead, body, and swivel ball are additional typical locations. If you need to replace a tap, choose chromium-plated brass taps.


Make sure you have the proper water pressure and never over-tighten the fixtures in order to prevent a dripping tap.

Fixing a faulty tap frequently necessitates replacing the entire fixture.

Are you reconsidering doing your own repairs? Then take into account scheduling a qualified tap repair service.

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