Manual toothbrush benefits

Manual toothbrushes have been around for a long time. While they don’t have the bells and whistles found in many electric toothbrushes, they are still an effective tool for cleaning your teeth  private label electric toothbrush

 and preventing gingivitis.

If you’re most comfortable sticking with a manual toothbrush, continue using one if it means you’ll still brush twice per day, every day.


You can get a manual toothbrush at almost any grocery store, gas station, dollar store, or pharmacy. They also don’t need to be charged to function, so you can use a manual toothbrush anywhere and at any time.


Manual toothbrushes are cost-effective. You can usually buy one for $1 to $3.

Manual toothbrush cons

  that people were more likely to brush too hard if they used a manual toothbrush versus electric. Brushing too hard can hurt your gums and teeth.

Using a manual toothbrush may also make it more difficult to know if you’re brushing long enough for every session since there’s no built-in timer. Consider placing a kitchen timer in your bathroom to time your brushing sessions.

For toddlers and young children

The best toothbrush for your child is whatever one they are mostly likely to use. Experts recommend soft bristles and a child-sized toothbrush head for kids. Neither a manual nor electric toothbrush is necessarily better for young children. The same pros and cons of each kind still apply.

Toddlers and kids can safely use an electric toothbrush on their own.

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