Come to Chicago and Be Rich!


Chicago in Illinois
A city and port in northeastern Illinois
Situated on Lake Michigan
Chicago, the third largest city in the United States
And the tow truck chicago largest city in the State of Illinois
The most populated city
In Midwestern United States
With population of over 2,833,321 people
Its metropolitan area, Chicagoland is 26th most populous worldwide
Chicago, the county seat of Cook County
Founded 1833 near a portage between
The Great Lakes and the Mississippi River Watershed
The Potawatomi forcibly removed from their land
Had this experience following
The Treaty of Chicago
The City to become
A major transportation and telecommunication hub
In North America
Today, it’s a major hub for
Industry and infrastructure
With O’Hare International Airport as
Second busiest airport worldwide
World Cities Study group at
Lough Borough University rated us as
An alpha-world city
Because of our important role in
Global economic system
In the world’s top global cities.
My Chicago ranks 6th
Just after Paris and Hong Kong
And just above Los Angeles and Singapore
Chicago, a stronghold of the Democratic Party
And home to the current President
Of the United States
Barrack Obama
Chicago’s numerous nicknames you call in these words
Chi-town, Windy City, Second City
And the City of Big Shoulders
We are also called the most American of big cities
My Chicago was affected by
The Great Fire of 1871
Which destroyed a third of the city
Including the entire central business district
During its rebuilding Period
We constructed world’s first Skyscraper in 1885
Using steel-Skeleton construction
We hosted World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893
Term, midway for a fair or carnival
We use to refer to
The Midway Plaisance
A strip of parkland that still runs through
University of Chicago campus
To connect Washington and Jackson Parks
The Chicago River, Short River in Chicago, Illinois
Formed in the city by the confluence of south Branch and North Branch
The Chicago River is south border (right) of
The Near North Side and Streeterville
James Bevel, Martin Luther King Jr. and Albert Raby
Led the Chicago Open Housing Movement in 1966
Which led to agreements between
Mayor Richard J. Daley and the movement leaders
Two years later, we hosted
The tumultuous 1968 Democratic National Convention
See our major construction projects
Like Willis Towers, also called the Sears Tower
1974’s world’s tallest building
Also University of Illinois at Chicago
And O’Hare International Airport
1979, Jane Byrne, city’s first female mayor, was elected
1983, Harold Washington to become first African American mayor
Chicago, a seat on a continental divide
At the site of the Chicago portage
An informal name for my Chicago metropolitan area
Is Chicagoland
Used by copywriters, advertising agencies

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