Unlocking the Secrets of Sex: A Guide

Are you ready to spice up your sex life by watching porn with your partner, but are intimidated and nervous about how to go about it? It does not have to be an uncomfortable or nerve wracking experience if you know ahead of time what to prepare for. Here are some simple tips to help make sure your experience is not only stress free but a very enjoyable one as well:

Women will typically respond better to videos with more romance, a lot of touching, interesting storylines, better plot development, more interesting characters, better actors, great costuming, elaborate sets, good lighting, and attention to cinematography.

Consider asking your partner what she’d like to see. This will increase the chances that the video you choose will make the best first impression. You definitely don’t want to choose something that will turn her off! Maybe she has a particular fantasy 看在線色情片 she wants to see being played out on the big screen. There are literally thousands of titles to fulfill nearly every (legal) fantasy or desire you could possibly imagine – and then some.

Arouse your partner before you turn the video on. She’ll be much more receptive this way, rather than relying on the video alone for her to be aroused.

Be prepared with all the supplies you need. Once your partner is aroused, you do not want to have to leave the room for condoms, lubrication, or towels.

Hold each other close and engage in a lot of touching while watching the video.

Let your partner know that it’s OK to tell you when she sees something in particular that turns her on. In fact, tell her that you would really like it and that knowing what turns her on makes it even better for you!

Keep the remote handy just in case you need to fast forward to the next scene. You might come across a particular scene that turns her off, or an actor that she finds physically unattractive, and you don’t want it to detract from your partner’s arousal.

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