TIG Welding Aluminum – What Not to Do

At the point when you are simply beginning with TIG welding aluminum, there are numerous memorable things. Maintaining a level of control in another circumstance is no little thing and missteps will undoubtedly occur. Assuming you know a portion of the normal mix-ups that happen when individuals are new to this sort of framework, it might assist with facilitating the expectation to learn and adapt. Here are a things to look for:

– Terminal size – an anode gets truly hot on a/c at 250 amps. Try not to utilize a similar size terminal on DCEN. Assuming it is attempted with some unacceptable cathode, it will eventually detonate.

– Aluminum welding-try to set to high ER5556 aluminum welding wire to ceaseless the framework will lose halfcycles as the bearing of the ongoing changes in AC.

Make a point to simply adjust the cathode making a ball is needless excess.

– See how far your cathodes stands out-you must have the option to see the finish of the anode any other way, you can’t rest assured about the curve. The terminal ought to be reached out far to the point of seeing the tip without any problem.

– Argon-assuming the circular segment is truly clearly, check the argon stream. A 7/16″ TIG cup ought to be set at around 13-15 CFH relying upon how far the cathode should be expanded. More light gas in a gas welder framework isn’t better.

– Tungsten-don’t utilize unadulterated tungsten. Utilize a multipurpose cathode that works for AC and DCEN. 2% lanthanated functions admirably.

– Light Point watch the point of the hang on the off chance that you don’t need a puddle

– Length of the Curve find where the circular segment will be adequately close to finish the work and time will be spent utilizing the gas welder and not getting ready terminals.

– Filler bar size-Too large of a pole can stop the safeguarding power of the gas and serious intensity will be lost from the puddle. A bar that is too little and the pole will simply liquefy before it comes to the puddle.

– Utilize a hardened steel wire brush-not carbon steel. It will save a great deal of migraines later

On the off chance that you invest some energy keeping an eye out for a portion of the TIG welding “Gotchas”, you will set aside time and cash.

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